Yesterday, we reported that Mass Effect: Andromeda was likely getting an Xbox One X patch. Today, a video from BioWare celebrating N7 Day confirmed that Mass Effect: Andromeda Xbox One X support was rolling out. The enhancement patch adds higher resolution support, taking advantage of the Xbox One X hardware. In their N7 Day 2018 video, BioWare also talked about how they were working on ideas for the next Mass Effect game.

Check out BioWare’s video on N7 Day 2018:

What does N7 mean to you? Our N7 Day video is a look backā€”and a glimpse at the future of Mass Effect.

It’s good to see BioWare providing the Mass Effect: Andromeda Xbox One X support for Xbox One X owners. Combined with their statement about working on the next Mass Effect game, it looks like the Mass Effect series will continue on, even if it takes a while for us to learn anything about what’s next.