Since it is the twentieth anniversary of the iconic Quake the makers of the new Wolfenstein celebrated with something special. Players can now download a new Quake episode to play for the original Quake. This is really a special treat from Machine Games. idSoftware had nothing to do with building this Quake episode, it was built by the fans for the fans.

The file is a free download for all players. Just extract the RAR and create a DOPA folder in your Quake directory. It should be a simple download for all PC players. This isn’t the only Quake news we have had since E3 ended. Players will get a chance to see more about the upcoming Quake Champions at this years QuakeCon. Luckily our team here at TICGN will be attending the convention  which happens August 4th-7th.

Let us know in the comment section below how you feel about Quake. Do you want a new version like the recently released DOOM?