New Death Note Trailer Shows Us Ryuk


Netflix has released a new trailer for their adaptation of the Japanese manga and anime, Death Note. A quick recap for those who don’t know, Death Note is a Japanese manga that focused on a high school boy discovering a supernatural notebook that had the power to kill anyone in the world with just a name and face in mind. It became highly popular and was later adapted into an anime and a few live action movies as well.

In this trailer we get to see Light focus on the cruelty of this world and what he thinks must be done once he is given his very own Death Note. We also get to see Ryuk, a Shinigami, for the first time as well as L and Misa. What follows next is a bunch of killing and bloody corpses flooding the streets.

It’s very interesting to see this Americanized version of Death Note although it’s very questionable if the film will be good or not. Many things are out of place concerning with the characters such as L directly speaking to the public which he never did in the manga without his right hand man, Watari, doing the talking.

Death Note will release on Netflix on August 25th.

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