Multiverse Show Ep 93: AVENGERS INFINITY WAR HYPE, God of War Impressions, Detroit Demo

Welcome to The Multiverse Show Ep 93! In this episode, the team is joined by Mike from The Original Next Level Gaming podcast. He and his crew have become the first members of the TiC Affiliate program and the boys give them a hearty welcome. Next up on the topic list is what everyone has been playing, except everyone has been playing God of War, so impressions are shared. Masterpiece or merely a fantastic game? Either way, consensus is that if you haven’t played it, you should. The Detroit: Become Human demo is also discussed, with lots of different options and routes to take in a mere 15 minute demo. Finally, Avengers: Infinity War is nearly upon us and a great discussion emerges. James falls asleep, Nicholas wishes he was asleep and the rest dive into potential plot points, deaths and more.

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