MLB The Show 18 Cover Athlete is Aaron Judge

Baseball fans had one of the best playoffs in years. For most, it was rough to see their favorite teams get dismantled by either the Huston Astros or Los Angeles Dodgers. Well, it looks like Yankees fans will have something to celebrate next year. The MLB The Show 18 cover athlete is going to be one of them.

Aaron Judge is one of the best young players in the game today. He finished the regular season with an impressive 52 home runs. The record is still held by the San Francisco Giants’ own Barry Bonds. Meanwhile, those in Canada will see Marcus Stroman on the cover. The Toronto Blue Jays pitcher led the American League in homeruns, walks, runs scored, and also strikeouts.

MLB The Show 18 Marcus Stroman Cover

Right now you can pre-order the game early. This is so early that they have a name for it: the First Pitch Weekend. Players who pre-order from the PlayStation Store or GameStop will get the chance to play starting on March 24th, a full four days early. MLB The Show 18 will officially release on March 27th.

Now take the time to put aside some cash since there will be 4 different versions of the game to purchase. As always, the game is only available for the Playstation 4.

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