Mission Impossible: Fallout

Mission Impossible: Fallout Opens on Top

The sixth entry in the Mission Impossible franchise was released this weekend. The movie is titled Mission Impossible: Fallout and it opened with a healthy $61.5 million, making it the best opening for any of the Mission Impossible movies. The Teen Titans movie did okay for an animated film.

Warner Brothers is defiantly working to get their DC Universe saga up to the level that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is. After that awful first phase that started with Man of Steel and ended with Justice League, the studio had learned the importance of maintaining quality in is franchises. Give the fans what they want and eventually it will work out. That’s why its so nice to see a animated Teen Titans movie hitting the theaters. It may not be the record breaking film that some would hope for but it is a start of something that could be really good. The musical Mama Mia 2 would have taken the top spot this weekend if Mission Impossible: Fallout wasn’t released. It just shows how special this series is to its fans.

Weekend Top Five

5. Teen Titans Go! To The Movies $10.5 million

4. Hotel Transylvania 3 $12.3 million

3. The Equalizer 2 $14 million

2. Mama Mia 2 $15 million

1. Mission Impossible: Fallout $61.5 million

Next weekend the top five chart will get crowded. Disney’s Christoper Robin, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Eighth Grade, and The Darkest Minds all come out nationwide. The next big comic book movie isn’t coming out until Venom on October 5th. In the near future The Nun and The Predator will both be coming out soon. The Nun is the spin-off movie from The Conjuring Universe and of course The Predator is that alien hunter looking to add a new skull to his collection. Next week on the 31st the Avengers: Infinity War will be released on digital devices; that includes your Xbox One and PS4.

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