This Veterans Day weekend, the movie Midway took the top spot at the box office. Doctor Sleep failed to bring in the viewers as Terminator: Dark Fate is slowly slipping away.

Midway grossed an estimated $17.5 million in its first weekend. The historical war movie surprising took the top spot. Doctor Sleep grossed $14 million as it failed to reach the top spot. Playing With Fire and Last Christmas both failed to gross more than $15 million. Joker will be reaching $1 billion this week as it sits at $984 million. Terminator: Dark Fate now sits at a disappointing $199 million worldwide. Many of us think that it’s time for these movies to end. Take a peak at Jasons article on why he thinks these movies have passed their prime.

Weekend Top Three

3. Playing With Fire $12.8 million

2. Doctor Sleep $14million

1. Midway $17.5 million

Next weekend The Good Liar, Charlies Angels, Ford v Ferrari will be fighting for the top spot. ┬áSince it is November, don’t expect most of these movies to really take over the box office for a long period of time. The only movie this month that will be a box office money making machine is going to be Frozen 2. That movie will be coming out on November 22nd. Given that tomorrow Disney Plus is unleashed, I think it’s time I finally watch the first Frozen and then maybe my daughter won’t be so mad at me for never watching it.