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Microsoft is Working on a Horizon Zero Dawn Like Game for Xbox

If there’s one thing gamers have been vocal about with the Xbox brand as of late it’s that there is a shortage of new IP’s. Sure there were games like Sea of Thieves, Super Lucky Tales, Cuphead, Ashen and more but that just isn’t enough for some Xbox owners. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer hears you loud and clear and has gone on record to reassure fans that they are indeed coming. After how Scalebound was handled, Spencer made it clear that he would only reveal titles at a presentable state. Unfortunately for team Xbox, one of those incoming titles may have just leaked.

According to a LinkedIn profile by job recruiter Sandor Roberts, Microsoft is looking for talent on a game “similar to Horizon Zero Dawn.” The post mentions that the developers are looking for a Lead Environmental Artists signaling a early development stage of the game. Additionally the Horizon Zero Dawn theme is a big slip on the expectations people will have of the game though there is another Microsoft game that has a similar theme. Recore is also a game with robots dominating a planets’ wilderness. With the Recore devs currently working on a rumored definitive edition, it could be a side project the team is building while the sequel is in the works but of course that’s all speculation. With Microsoft out and about signing deals for upcoming games it’s not surprising to see one of these projects slip through.

LinkedIn Microsoft IP

This isn’t the first game to slip through the cracks for Microsoft. Just a few weeks ago an author let out a public statement that an adaption of his short story would be made into a video game. With the ship slowly succumbing to leaks, make sure to follow us at TiCGN so that we can provide you with latest Xbox news.


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