Microsoft has released their quarterly earnings for the first quarter of Financial Year 2019 (Q1 FY19), with impressive growth all over. In particular, the Microsoft Financial Year 2019 First Quarter results show a lot of growth across gaming and Xbox.

Financial Year 2019 First Quarter gaming details: 
  • Gaming Revenue increased 44%
  • Xbox software and services revenue grew 36%, primarily driven by third-party games
  • Xbox hardware revenue has almost doubled, growing 94% against a low prior year comparable, due to timing Xbox One X launch in Q2 FY18
  • Xbox Live monthly active users grew by 8% to 57 million, with growth across Xbox One, Windows 10 and Mobile platforms

These numbers are great for Xbox and for Microsoft, indicating growth across services, software and hardware. Gaming revenue being up 44% is a big sign of growth for the Microsoft gaming division.

Xbox hardware revenue being up 94% is huge, though it is naturally driven Xbox One X sales. In the September 2018 NPD results, reports indicated that the Xbox One X 1TB Black was the top-selling Xbox hardware item for 2018.

Xbox Live users have grown to 57 million, up from 53 million users last year. For the results in Microsoft’s Third Quarter for 2018, you can check here.