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Mass Effect Andromeda New Trailer

Bioware have chosen the sneaky approach for Mass Effect Andromeda it seems.

The new trailer that just dropped is similarly epic in nature to the past installments but with one crucial difference. No gameplay of any kind.

The trailer is simply a voice narrating the urge to discover and venture out into the unknown that the human race has in abundance, and who the voice is, is what’s so intriguing. It’s Commander Shepard, not only that but it’s Femshep.

Commander Shepard famously was shown to be dead at the end of Mass Effect 3 or at least heavily alluded to this so in my mind this is a pre-recorded message from Shepard to soldiers used to inspire them before missions or get more recruits for the Human Systems Alliance.

Anyway, regardless of the meaning Mass Effect Andromeda is set to be one of the biggest games of 2016.

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