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Machine Learning Fixes the Lion King Live Action Movie

A Youtuber under the username OntyJ has posted a cool look at how machine learning transformed the life like animals in the Lion King to a more familiar visual style for Disney fans.

The software used in the transformation titled Deep Fakes has been used for some racy content online but this demonstration shows the power behind the tech. At its base Machine Learning takes in some sample data and learns as much as it can from it. In this case, OntyJ mentions the sample set came from Nikolay Mochkin’s Instagram account. While many deep learning algorithms require a large sample set to produce desirable results, innovations in the field have made it so that only a single image is needed to have mind bending results.

While strides in the field of artificial intelligence have greatly improved machine understanding of big data, certain aspects of said knowledge could be a huge issue down the road. Deep learning currently has no ethical limits. Deep Fakes is the result of machine learning going rampant and causing great harm to real world people. With how eerily accurate some of the produced imagery looks one has to ask, when will humans weaponize this type of technology?

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