Developed by Dontnod Entertainment, published by Square Enix and released episodically in 2015, Life is Strange was a breakout success, selling over 3 million copies and receiving generally positive reviews. Following its success, a prequel game called Life is Strange: Before the Storm released in 2017 and a free standalone episode called The Adventures of Captain Spirit released earlier this year. Now, after the game was announced, we finally have our first official Life is Strange 2 teaser. Showing car cam footage, it appears there are some new superpowers at play.

Check out the Life is Strange 2 teaser below:

While there isn’t much to go off of here, new superpowers being introduced into the world of Life is Strange is a big shakeup. The teaser states that “all will be revealed” on August 20th, so presumably that’s when we’ll get to see more.