A few days ago Pokemon Go players were given the ability to battle each other in the new Battle League. First, it was just players at level 40, slowly Niantic brought the level down for all players to enjoy. Now Players at level ten can join in the fun.

Right now players are in the preseason of Pokemon Go’s Battle League, getting used to the fighting dynamic of each league. First off is the Great League were Pokemon up too CP of 1500 can be used. This will last until February 10th when the Ultra League will start. Then on February 24th, the Master League will begin in the preseason. Finally, the Great League will show back up on March 9th, this will be the last league before Season one begins. No word on what that date will be.

Players will be able to battle on a couple of conditions. They need to walk 5 km or pay in gold to use the Battle League. This isn’t a terrible idea since most of the game revolves around you actually getting some exercise. You will see that each time players will be able to battle five times, make sure you have a great team that can handle anything. The battles that I have been in are getting finished with just a small amount of health on the last Pokemon. So pay attention to what the other players are using. You will also get rewards depending on if you use the premium version or not.

The best way to see what you’re going to get as a reward is to play the game. Go out and get that 5 km in and see if you have what it takes to win.