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Lego Dimensions To Star Doctor Who

When you have a game that involves crossing dimensions then who better to bring along than the good Doctor himself? With the entire concept of Lego Dimensions being to cross over countless Lego themed packs and put them all into one title it is only natural that the long running BBC drama surrounding the Time Lord who travels in time and space would make an appearance.

For those who have no idea what Lego Dimensions is it takes its lead from the likes of Skylanders. The initial game comes with its own interactive Lego platform and toys that can be scanned directly into the game. You can then buy additional level packs, fun packs and team packs that can be placed on the accessory platform, scanned into the game and then open up new content in the shape of levels, vehicles, gadgets and characters

Shipping with 3 Doctor Who themed levels with the starter pack the Doctor will go up against his long running enemies the Daleks and Cybermen along with other enemies. With Peter Capaldi (The current version of the Doctor) providing the voice acting, along with Jenna Coleman voicing his assistant Clara Oswald and Michelle Gomez voicing Missy (the female embodiment of The Doctor’s arch nemesis The Master) there is plenty already for fans to be excited about. Further still The Doctor’s ability to regenerate upon death into a new body is also explored in Lego Dimensions. The Doctor is currently on his 12th regeneration, if you die in-game you will regenerate into the first Doctor and work your way all the way through to Doctor number 12. The interior of his ship The TARDIS will also reflect the current regeneration you are using, even going as far as making William Hartnell’s 1st Doctor for the early 1960’s have a black and white filter.

For the additional packs the Level Pack will include an additional Doctor Who themed mission, a 12th Doctor mini figure, a TARDIS and K-9 (his former robot dog companion) that will all be scannable and usable in-game. While the Fun Pack will have a scannable Dalek and Cyberman that can be physically built and then rebuilt twice to provide 3 additional objects in-game.

Lego Dimensions is available in North America on the 27th of September and Europe on the 29th with additional packs becoming available over time.


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