Joe Staten, writer of the Halo trilogy, working on various Xbox Exclusives

Joe Staten helped give the original Halo some life through the game’s cutscenes, he was the man in-control of all of the cutscenes in those original games. He helped Bungie on all of their Halo games and even worked a bit on Destiny, before leaving the company in late 2013.

He soon rejoined Microsoft Studios as the “senior creative director”, it’s been unknown as to what exactly he’s been working on until recently. Staten has revealed on Twitter that he’s helping out the teams behind ScaleboundReCoreCrackdown 3 and Quantum Break tell their stories. This is very exciting news as the story in the Halo games being beloved by gamers, so there’s a chance that those four games could follow the same path. I guess we’ll see soon as all of those games are currently expected to launch in 2016.

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