There it is! I had a gut feeling Jack n’ Jill would show up on Nintendo Switch after I mentioned it in my review of Squareboy vs. Bullies: Arena Edition! This title was my favorite mobile game back when I was going to high school and worked on this dumb little thing. Several years later, this DX edition allowed me to get reacquainted with the game on one of my new favorite consoles. So what do I think about Jack n’ Jill DX? Well…


I wasn’t expecting a big graphical upgrade given the intentional Game Boy-style look Jack n’ Jill has going for it. Fortunately, Jack n’ Jill DX does one appropriate fix by bumping up the framerate to 60 per second. The sprites themselves look nicely put together. They give me a very Kirby’s Dream Land sort of vibe and the backgrounds carry a good amount of detail while not being in your face about it. Weirdly, there is one minor technical issue in the form of sprite stutters that show up in later levels when the game slows down after speeding up or vice versa. This is especially notable when equipping your character with certain hats. It’s not a dealbreaker but it is something Ratalaika and Narang should look at.


Kicking things up a notch from the usual 8-Bit chiptunes, the music has been updated to embody a hint of 16-Bit instrumentation. The melodies are the same but they continue to sound relaxing and suit the game just fine. Sound effects aren’t necessarily as pronounced as in other platformers but they get the job done when it comes to bringing the onscreen objects to life.


Jack n’ Jill is a single-button game where you run and jump through a series of platforming challenges and trials to get to your significant other. You can be either Jack or Jill as you play through a whopping 140 levels. Your characters move by themselves but you would have to make them jump, fly, activate buttons and the list goes on as the levels demand. No matter what it throws into the formula though, Jack n’ Jill DX ensures it stays consistent in its gameplay style and gradual variety. For an inexpensive offering on the eShop, there’s a lot of content to play around with in this game.

This DX version even throws in achievements, minigames, and an in-game shop. Coins you collect in the game can be used to play minigames which in turn are used to get tickets. Tickets can be redeemed on character accessories, screen filters, and even level skips. The minigames are decent for the minute or so they last but the ticket system adds a lot of incentive to check them out.


It all amounts to a thoroughly enjoyable experience that feels right at home on the Switch. It likely goes without saying but Jack n’ Jill DX takes what makes the original great and adds more to it. In-game ads are a thing of the past and there are extras big and small that sweeten the $4.99 price of admission. There are a couple little technical snafus that could be refined but it doesn’t make the game any less of a joy to play through.

Review copy provided by Ratalaika Games