TiCGN Box Office Recap: It Takes a Bite out of the Competition

The killer clown known as Pennywise took the top spot at the box office for a second weekend. It is exploding at the box office with another $60 million gained this weekend. The movie is now the highest grossing movie in September.

American Assassin and Mother! both were released this past weekend. Both movies had no chance to stop the monster that is the movie It. American Assassin grossed a respectable $14 million in the domestic market with another $6 million in foreign territories. This gives this movie a total of $21 million so far. With a Rotten score of 36% this amount is more then generous. The movie stars Dylan O’Brien from Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner along with former Batman Micheal Keaton. The movie Mother! opened with a far smaller amount at $7 million. This is the Jennifer Lawrence thriller that looks so good in the trailer, yet people that have seen it don’t have the best reaction to it.

Weekend Top Five

5. Hitman’s Bodyguard $3 million

4. Home Again $5 million

3. mother! $7.5 million

2. American Assassin $14.8 million

1. It $60 million

Three movies will be getting a nationwide release that will take a chuck of the box office. Friend Request, Kingsman 2, and the Ninjago movie all have the chance to take first. I’m just patiently waiting for Happy Death Day and Blade Runner 2049 to be released. Both of those movies have the chance to become instant hits.

If your looking for some of the most recent trailers then I can help you out. The movie that tells the tale of one of the worst movies ever made has a full trailer, Disaster Artist features Seth Rogan and James Franco. Jeepers Creepers 3 was actually made to my surprise. I can’t wait to not watch that movie. The Jennifer Lawrence spy film Red Sparrow dropped a trailer this week. Now I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and check out a movie or two at your local theater.

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