Is Sony planning to bring Remote Play to the Nintendo Switch?

Sony could be considering a plan to extend the PS4 Remote Play to other game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch and Xbox according to a survey reportedly sent to select PlayStation gamers. One Redditor who goes by the name YouRedditHereFirst shared screenshots from the survey on the PS4 subReddit.

As you can see from the screenshot above, Sony may be looking at devices such as Nintendo Switch and Apple TV to extend the reach of the PlayStation library via the Remote Play feature. The user who shared screenshots from the survey also mentioned Xbox as a possible device to access Sony’s content.

Other questions from the survey indicate that Sony could be considering drastic changes to the Remote Play feature. In its current form, the feature lets you access games installed to your PS4 console from your PlayStation Vita or a smartphone via an online connection. Changes that Sony may be considering include the ability to play your games on other devices offline or even use other forms of inpput such as a keyboard and mouse or an Xbox wireless controller.

There is also the possibility that Sony may release a smaller, slimmed down variation of the DualShock 4 controller that will be much easier for gamers to carry around.

If the survey is to be believed, Sony is mindful of the challenges that come with playing modern video games on a variety of screens over internet connections of varying quality. Options they may implement include adjusting image quality to reduce lag or the ability to adjust the size of an on-screen controller so that moore of the game can be seen.

Sony’s back catalog of PSOne and PS2 classic games may also be made available though it is not clear if these must be purchased from the PlayStation Store or if they will be part of some sort of subscription service.

If Sony does announce changes to Remote Play imncluding the ability to access PlayStation games on other devices then we will be sure to update you. Check back with The Inner Circle for news updates.

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