Is Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Worth Watching?

Now that a few episodes have passed and we are entering the beginning  of the recap of Naruto: Boruto The Movie rehash, it’s time to wonder: should you continue to watch the series?

Some fans have begun to question whether or not Boruto will ever be better than Naruto or even on the same level. From the slow start to the infamous talk no jutsu, how much will Boruto grow as a series? Now this discussion is based on the quality of the anime and the movie; this will not be dealing with the manga.

The complaints from fans are valid, Boruto isn’t as fleshed out as some would like him to be and that as of right now he is a carbon copy of his father. Some may see him as a spoiled brat for acting out due to his father not being home as much; even though when Naruto was a child he didn’t have the luxury of having parents.

Another gripe is the fact that Sarada is a better main character as of right now. She has had tremendous character development over the past arc that has propelled her to being one of the best, if not the most popular character in the show.

Yes, the children compared to their parents may not seem as skilled; but if you look at the current time frame, the new generation stacks up pretty well with their parents – if not better than they were at the same age.

For example, Boruto is about the age Naruto was before Naruto learned the multi-shadow clone Justu from the secret scroll. Boruto is very skilled and is considered a genius. He knows lighting, wind and water techniques along with being able to generate four shadow clones and knowing gentle fist technique, all before even being able to graduate from the academy.

In my opinion, I thoroughly enjoy the show. Maybe it’s because I’m such a huge fan of Naruto and that I love to see the old konoha eleven and their children interact. More than that, I believe the series will be just fine, despite the current issues that it has because there are some exciting things to come in the future.

I recommend that if you’re a fan of Naruto or not, you should watch the show and don’t try to compare the show to its predecessor so much. As the creators say, this is Boruto’s story; not Naruto’s. Sometimes it’s just better to enjoy the series for what it is.

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