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Ion Will Launch Exclusively On Xbox One & PC



Dean Hall, the creator of the infamous open world zombie game DayZ appeared on stage at Microsoft’s E3 conference to show off a new trailer for the upcoming Xbox One & PC exclusive, Ion.

“I want a game that is a universe,” Hall emphatically stated while addressing the conference attendees. “A universe not based on scripts or quests but on the laws of physics, biology and chemistry,” he continued. Ion will be a hybrid simulation and MMO which explores humans expanding into outer space. The trailer opens with an astronaut on a spacewalk while tethered to a space shuttle as he attempts to grab a tool before it floats away. The camera pulls back to reveal an asteroid field, spaceships and a space station under construction. The view pulls away to see solar systems, galaxies and finally a human who appears to be in stasis.

Check back with The Inner Circle for more details on Ion.

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