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Inasa Yoarashi to be included in My Hero: One’s Justice

The Master of Wind from¬†Shiketsu High School – Inasa Yoarashi – will be joining the My Hero: One’s Justice roster as a downloadable character. Inasa will be available for all to download on November 14th. You may recall that during the past season of My Hero: Academia, Inasa Yoarashi was the top student recruited by U.A. but had turned down the invitation. His whirlwind powers allows him to control himself and his opponents from a distance, making him great at long ranged attacks. In addition to Inasa being in My Hero: One’s Justice, he will also have his own mission pack just as Shoot Style Deku and Endeavor.

Check out some screenshots below of the character.

My Hero: One’s Justice is now available for the Xbox One, PS4, PC and the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Press Release

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