In the Future, you’ll be Playing Halo on your Wall

With Hololens impressing everyone with it’s awesomeness, we haven’t really seen much in the way of gaming (except for that totally awesome demo during the Windows 10 Devices event).

Well Varun Mani, a project manager over at the Microsoft Hololens development team posted a video showing off him playing Halo 5: Guardians on nothing but thin air. It start’s off with him playing Halo 5 on his regular old TV and Xbox One, and then stops, turns around and continues playing on a virtual holographic display on the other side of the room.

It’s common knowledge that the Hololens device runs on the Windows 10 system, and supports Universal Windows apps. So the Xbox app on Windows 10 runs perfectly on the Hololens device. What is unclear is how the Hololens will support the Xbox controller, will it have built in capability for connecting to the Wireless controller, or will you have to connect another dongle to an already large device?

Well, time will reveal all. But for now, shut up and take my money.

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