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ILP 52 ft Short Pause Gaming | Sega&Xbox | SOD2 Price Drop | Jan NPD | Fortnite&Switch? | X Parity

Welcome to another new episode of The Iron Lords Podcast. On today’s show, the Lords are joined by the co-founder of Short Pause Gaming, @TheDude1979! After discussing Lord Dude’s gaming history, the Lords jump right into the topics of the day. First off, the Lords discuss the possibility of a Sega/Microsoft collaboration after Sega of Japan posts cryptic tweets from Microsoft headquarters. Then the Lords talk about the possible reasons for an apparent State of Decay 2 price drop in Europe. Afterwards, Lord Sovereign talks January NPD numbers and Phil Spencer’s DICE keynote address. Lord Cognito follows with a discussion about rumored Switch ports for Fortnite, Nier: Automata and Diablo 3. Finally, Lord King talks about his desire for Xbox One X exclusives on the Game Pass service. This is ILP 52!

0:38 – The Dude 79 Intro
4:55 – Lord King & Combat Sports Recap
11:03 – The Dude video game system history
19:00 – The Dude Top 5 Game Franchises
20:39 – The Dude importance of Destiny
21:28 – The history and creation of Short Pause Gaming
27:10 – The Short Pause Gaming Team member history
31:50 – What are the Lords Playing?
32:00 – Lord Dude & Cognito focus on Kingdom Come Deliverance!
36:15 – Lord Sovereign Celeste Spotlight!
48:29 – Last Weeks Poll Results
49:55 – Lord King feelings on Turok & certain remasters LOL
52:04 – Xbox & SEGA Partnership Imminent? (SPECULATION)
1:05:24 – State Of Decay 2 Price Drop UK Retailers??? How Concerned Are We?
1:16:05 – The Xbox Exclusives “Perception Problem”
1:20:49 – Who’s Responsible? (Retailers vs Microsoft)
1:26:12 – January NPD (Lord Sovereign & Cognito Switch/Monster Hunter Gloat session) #LordsAtWar LOL
1:30:49 – Lord Kratos vs Lord King in LIVE CHAT. #Fanboyism LOL
1:36:14 – Lord Sovereign discusses the importance of Phil Spencer Speech at DICE Summit
1:39:50 – Lord Kratos appears to DEFEND his honor & chime in on Phil’s message LOL
1:55:30 – Fortnite, Diablo 3, & Nier Automata to Switch?
1:57:39 – Lord Dude chimes in on “PayDay2 effect” on these rumors! #VoiceChat LOL
2:07:49 – No Xbox One X Parity reconfirmed. X only games ever? (Ferrari (X) vs Pinto talk (S) ) LOL
2:19:07 – Lord King AKA Lord DON MATTRICK. for Xbox One X Only games LMAO
2:24:13 – New ILP Poll

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