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ILP 49 | Kaz Hirai | Switch Sales | RDR2 Delayed | Sea Of Thieves | Microsoft=Valve/EA/PUBG?

Welcome to another new episode of The IronLords podcast. On today’s show, the Lord’s are joined by ILP family @AnchormanV2 to discuss the topics of the week. Lord King starts off the show with news of Sony CEO Kaz Hirai stepping down. Lord Sovereign follows with a breakdown of Nintendo’s financial reportings. Lord Cognito then talks about the Red Dead Redemption 2 delay into the fall of 2018. The Lords then discuss their Sea of Thieves beta impressions and finish the show with a discussion about Microsoft’s rumored aquisitions. This is ILP 49!

0:10 – Pax East 2018 Submission
5:38 – What are the Lords Playing?
8:42 – Lord King Indie Spotlight “Dandara”!
11:56 – Last Week ILP Poll results!
15:57 – Sony’s Kaz Hirai steps down & “illuminati Lord King” reflects & theorizes…LOL
26:28 – Lord Anchorman joins in to weigh on Sony.
30:42 – How do the Lords feel about Kenichiro Yoshida new role?
34:37 – Sov-Stradamus Switch Sales Success Correct Again LOL
40:30 – Lord Anchor mocks Lord King with his own Illumianti Lord Switch numbers. LOL
45:41 – Lord Cognito RANT not willing to gave Grandpa Nintendo Switch Online a pass!
53:04 – Is Nintendo too emboldened with success right now to listen to the wants of its base?
55:14 – Red Dead Redemption 2 Delayed to Oct. Who’s Scared? lol
1:08:56 – The Importance of Sea Of Thieves for Xbox
1:22:43 – Microsoft Acquisition rumors (EA,Valve,PUBG)

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