ID@Xbox Brings Over 150 Games To Xbox One Over The Next Year

If you are looking for something to play other than remasters and that blockbuster that is still a few months away then this is a great time to check out the diversity and quality of the games in the ID@Xbox program. Some of these titles emphasize multiplayer while others focus on a detailed world for you to explore. Whether you enjoy shooters, sports, adventures, role-playing, simulations or arcade style games I feel safe in saying that if you like video games then there is something in the ID@Xbox library that you will like. Microsoft hopes to tempt you with the latest ID@Xbox montage video shown at Gamescom:



The montage shows everything from Blues & Bullets to Ashen to Cuphead to Beyond Eyes to Pit People and more games than I could write about in this article. I for one don’t mind sharing that some of my favorite games from this generation so far have come from independent developers. That isn’t because I am on some sort of hipster kick but rather because I found a lot of indie games to have genuinely engaging gameplay and I encourage every Xbox Owner to at least look at the games available through the ID@Xbox program.

The head of ID@Xbox, Chris Charla, says that over 150 games are headed to Xbox One. Charla goes on to say that the output for the coming year is more indie games released through the program since it was created. Some of the upcoming titles will have exclusive console launches on Xbox One such as Cities: Skylines, StarBound, and We Happy Few.

Even HoloLens will see support on ID@Xbox. Game developers will be able to create and sell unique indie games for HoloLens and we already know the headset will play Xbox One games so those gamers who really need to experience Cuphead through a headset will be taken care of.

What ID@Xbox games are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments section below.

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