Halo: The Master Chief Collection Reaches 5 Million Sales

When Microsoft announced the Master Chief Collection at E3 in 2014, fans were elated by the prospects of playing the epic Halo Campaign in 1080p 60FPS on their new console at a decent price. When Halo Master Chief Collection released, it was marred with massive multiplayer bugs that placed into question the capability of 343i in handling the system selling franchise called Halo.

Today everything is fixed and people are enjoying their game, but how many? Pundits and naysayers have called the franchise all but dead. At Comic Con we learned that the Halo franchise sold 65 Million games, up from 60 Million in October 2014 (one month before Halo Master Chief Collection launched). Microsoft bundled the game collection with new consoles and the game is consistently at the top of Xbox One store rankings. Now we know that the all but dead franchise is alive and well.

Halo Master Chief Collection joins games like The Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight and GTA 5 at the top selling next generation games. Halo is also one of the largest game franchises (in sales), in great company like Final Fantasy and GTA.

With Halo 5 on the horizon, it’s no stretch to think that Halo will reach over 70 Million this year alone.

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