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Halo 3: ODST for the MCC Revisited with Developer Commentary

Joseph Staten, Senior Creative Director on the Xbox publishing team, and Max Szlagor, Senior Game Designer for 343 studios team up for a very interesting and informative walkthrough of Halo 3:ODST for the Master Chief Collection. The Halo 3:ODST campaign became available on May 30 for free, in response to the matchmaking issues around launch,to those MCC owners and Xbox Live players who logged on between November 11, 2014 and December 19, 2014 . However the DLC can be purchased for $4.99 US if you own the MCC and do not fall into that group .

Since Joseph Staten was the former Writer/Creative Director for Halo 3 ODST back when it was released in 2009, he adds very interesting statements concerning the development process and the nuances of how he “placed all the bullet holes in the wall” and placing garbage in the streets. Revisiting the campaign, in glorious 1080p 60fps, with the developer commentary provided additional appreciation to such a unique story and campaign.

However one coolest features highlighted as part of the MCC (at 0:42) are the included playlists 343 incorporated in the Halo 3:ODST campaign. For example, 343 created playlists that will just go to the action missions and others that focuses only on the nighttime city segments.

Now that Halo 3:ODST is out and part of the Master Chief Collection, how does it feel to go back and visit the wonderful noir atmosphere within the Halo universe?

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