Grand Theft Auto V arrives on the Xbox Game Pass today. The popular game finally makes its way to the Xbox subscription service. Hopefully, this isn’t your first time playing in Los Santos. If it is, then you have a wild ride in front of you. The game was originally released on September 17th, 2013. That was one of the best birthday presents I had ever received.

Players will also have the opportunity to play Grand Theft Auto Online. This online version just received an update that gives players the chance to do The Diamond Casino Heist. If you feel like you need to buy the digital version of the game then you’re in luck, it’s currently on sale right now for $14.99. The in-game cash for Grand Theft Auto Online is also on sale right now, which includes the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack.

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the bigger games to join the Xbox Game Pass, honestly, the download will be about 70 GB. Make sure you have the room to install the game and any updates in the future. Even though this game is seven years old it still gets frequent updates. Players have until January 6th to sign up for 3 months of the Ultimate Xbox Game Pass for just $1. After that, it goes back to its regular price. In other gaming news, a new trailer was released for Animal Crossing: New Horizon. It will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in March.