Ghost Rider is Shown in New Season 4 Promo

The upcoming season of Agents of SHIELD will jump into the character of Ghost Rider. This will not be like the Ghost Rider movies that featured Nicolas Cage. Agents of Shield will be facing of with Robbie Reyes who was in a comic series that only lasted 12 issues. It is surprising to see that we will getting this version of the character and not Johnny Blaze. The Ghost Rider in Season 4 will be using a muscle car instead of the usual motorcycle.

Enjoy the new promo for Agents of SHIELD Season 4 below.

Robbie was killed by a gang in East L.A. while driving the car in the comics. At the moment of his death he was reborn with the help of the demon Eli. How will the group in Agents of SHIELD deal with this new problem? They also have that whole Inhuman problem to deal with as Daisy/Quake is still on the run. Season 4 looks to be the biggest one so far.

Season 4 will premiere on September 20th at 10/9c on ABC. If you will be busy that night then just wait for the next day as the show will again be available on Hulu. Let us know how you feel about Agents of SHIELD in the comment section below.

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