Gears POP is that game no one really wanted until they tried it. Some players still said no, while others like me kept playing. Now we are in season six and adding new pins. The game is slowly getting better. It still has a long way to become a great addition to the Gears family.

Players who have logged in will notice something free in the store. The first new Ultimate has landed. Windflare will summon that slows enemy movement and damages them over time. The new pin is Juvies, crazy mutants that go straight for your Leader and Outposts. They ignore the rest of the pins on the battlefield. Be prepared to stop them before they take you out. Gears POP recently added Leaderboards to the game. They show off your place during the season and give you an idea of what rewards you can unlock. I highly recommend checking those out to see what cool items you can get.

The game also has some new changes. Some of those involve nerfing a few Ultimates and some pins who may have been too powerful. For a full list check out the main Gears POP blog here. Players can get Windflare for free until February tenth.