TiCGN Box Office Recap: Furious Inches Closer to a Billion

This weekend at the box office Fate of the Furious held on as it inched closer to $1 billion. The movie is doing so well all over the world that the domestic money only contributes to about 18% of the total profit. As the rest of the world has started factoring in more in these summer movies it really has changed how much they can make in the short time they are in the theaters.

Fate of the Furious made $38 million this weekend in the domestic market. That small amount boosts the domestic amount to $163 million. Now the world wide total is something that really makes you notice how well the movie is doing. By adding the $774 million the movie has made in the foreign markets it brings the grand total to $903 million. Furious should easily make the $1 billion mark by next weekend. The movies that did get released this weekend all tanked at the box office. Free Fire, The Promise, and Unforgettable all underperformed. The Disney nature movie Born in China actually did rather well given documentaries don’t always do well on the big screen.

Weekend Top Five

5. Going in Style $5 Million

4. Born in China $5.1 million

3. Beauty and the Beast $9.9 million

2. Boss Baby $12.7 million

1.  Fate of the Furious $38 million


Next week Sleight, The Circle, and How to be a Latin Lover come to the box office. I really don’t see these three movies doing much to take the top spot. It won’t be until Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 comes out the following weekend that we will see some shifting going on. In some other movie news Deadpool 2 has a release date. Also four Avatar movies have been announced; I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for these movies. They keep getting pushed back further and further.

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