Friday the 13th Game so Close to Being Reality

Earlier this year Gun Media started work on Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp and unsurprisingly, not a lot of buzz was generated. Then the team approached Sean S. Cunningham (creator of the Friday The 13th franchise) with the faintest hope of acquiring the rights to Camp Crystal Lake and it’s various accouterments. Not only was the pitch successful they subsequently started a Kickstarter campaign and have been wildly successful for such a small dev team. The game currently stands at over 75% of its funding goal (as of 05/11/15).

The team’s promotional video is impressive to say the least and makes both casual and more hardcore players excited. It plays like you would expect, one player is infamous hockey team reject Jason Voorhees while the others are camp counselors trying to escape and/or take Jason down. Now there’s no way of knowing how the game is going to actually feel until you have it in your hands but the team have focused on making sure it’s not boring to be the counselors and everyone just fights over Jason, according to them it’s an equally rewarding and terrifying experience to be the hunted.

From all the trailers made and the aforementioned Kickstarter video Gun could be onto something truly fantastic and in the spirit of the franchise. Who knows, it this game is a hit who’s to say they aren’t tasked with making the first brilliant Nightmare on Elm Street game?

The campaign closes in 8 days and is only $82,000 short of it’s target and at this rate we should see the game released on schedule for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in the Fall of 2016.

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