It’s official, Final Fantasy has been delayed until November 29th. Director of Final Fantasy XV, Tabata, shares the information in a personal message to FF fans around the world. According to the Director himself, FFXV has been completed and a Master Version is already playable and on discs.

Not only is it in a tangible media form, it will be playable from the very start at Gamescom. This news is a little surprising considering many thought the game would be delayed in order for the game to receive the final development time needed to complete the game. That is not the case and Tabata reassures gamers that they will have their chance at playing the Master Version of the game at Gamescom as proof.

So why is the game delayed then? Well Tabata mentions that although there is a Master Version completed, they had hoped to create the best possible product with Final Fantasy XV and the Master Version is just not that. Apparently a patch had been planned to go in effect on day one in order to reach the pinnacle of perfection. The problem with that plan is that because the Final Fantasy franchise is a world renown series, people in certain countries with poor or no internet connection will not be able to play the final version of the game. The patched version that Tabata see’s as the true FFXV. As a measure to make sure every single person enjoys the perfect FFXV experience, the team at Square Enix has agreed to delay the game in order to have every single person play the exact same version of the game.

Were this any other studio, the game would be released day one and patched eventually or left to sink or swim on its own. As Nintendo’s Shigeru’s Miyamoto has said in the past “a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” On that note Square Enix receives praise, especially if they are truly serious in making FFXV the game that makes other games “run in panic”.