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Fallout 4 Trailer Officially Revealed

Its official the new kid is on the block, Fallout 4 has been announced to the screaming masses. Judging from the released trailer it takes place in the mean streets of Boston. Glimpses of familiar locales like the Massachusetts State House and Bunker Hill Monument all but confirm it. There are also iconic fallout items like Power Armor, Nuka Cola and the mysterious Vault 111. To top it all off Ron Pearlman returns with his stoic tagline “War. War never changes”

Bethesda’s last entry into the Fallout universe took place in a ruined Washington DC and saw players searching for their father. There have been references to this new setting in earlier games, known only as the Commonwealth. There will be game play at Bethesda’s E3 press conference on June 14 and is set to release for Xbox One.

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