Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the popular pirate shonen series One Piece-, talks about the end of the series in a recent interview on Fuji TV. Oda specifically says “that the end is near” and that the series will make it to “just over 100 volumes”. Oda also mentions that he’s had the ending for series in mind ever since his college days. Sanma Akashiya, the host of the show, asked the question – what if a fan of the series guesses the ending? Oda then replied- “that he would then change it”.

Eiichiro Oda first began One Piece back in 1997 and it has enjoyed a phenomenal run ever since with over 900 chapters. As of the writing of this article it doesn’t seem far fetched that it will have 100 volumes by the end of the series . Oda also mentioned back in an interview in 2016 that the story was around 65% complete. As a side note, it is fair to say that we should always take what the author says with a grain of salt. However, given how long One Piece has run it is possible to put a little more stock in what Oda is saying this time around.

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Source: Comicbook