Disney has Announced Purchase of 21st Century Fox

It seems that Disney is about to get more movie franchises and TV shows under their belt. The deal to buy the entertainment side of Fox has finally happened. Disney had been in talks with Fox for some time in acquiring 21st Century Fox. It seems now that the Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Deadpool can finally come home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The sale is estimated to be $52.4 billion but this is still not the largest price tag for a merger.

Now the internet is ablaze with fan speculation on what Marvel films from Fox will still be made or just canceled. Disney now also owns the acclaimed and long-running show The Simpsons. The House of Mouse will also own a larger stake in streaming service provider Hulu. Some of the actors that are in the Fox franchises have spoken online recently on how they feel about this merger. Ryan Reynolds has probably posted the best comment on Twitter.

So we all knew this would be happening for the past few months. What do you think will happen now that Disney has all of these franchises under one umbrella? On a fan note, Disney now owns the rights to the first Star Wars movie. Fox had owned the rights to A New Hope. Now my dreams of owning the original theatrical versions of Star Wars Episode four through six might actually happen. Let us know how you feel about this merger in the comments below.

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