Deadpool 2 Visits the X-Mansion in First Production Pictures

In a recent (not safe for work) Tweet Ryan Reynolds announced he had arrived at the X-Mansion as Deadpool for the second film. Production now seems to be in full swing for Deadpool 2. The tweet does contain some inappropriate  language for the younger audience, which is completely expected from the rated R movie.

Deadpool 2 is expected to do better then the first movie. Now that Cable and Domino will both be making it to the big screen, this is going to be an action packed movie. It would be nice to have a few surprises at the X-Mansion. The movie is slated for a June 1st, 2018 release date.

Josh Brolin has also been posting videos and photos of his workout regimen. Watching what will happen between him and Ryan Reynolds should be great. Once we have more photos online of all the characters or really anything from Deadpool 2 TiCGN will be posting it online. Stay tuned for more gaming and entertainment news at

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