Dave Bautista Joining Dune Reboot

Variety is reporting that Dave Bautista has joined the upcoming Dune reboot. The role that Dave Bautista is playing has yet to be defined. The thing is he could be playing one of many different characters. The Dune universe is filled with so many characters that would fit his size and acting ability.

The Dune reboot is being directed by Denis Villeneuve, he directed Dave Bautista in Blade Runner 2049. Now if you unfamiliar with Dune, this is the sci-fi epic that centers around Paul Atreides, his family, and the planet Arrakis. That is the desert planet that is home to the addictive spice Melange. Also don’t forget that the planet has giant sand worms that kill anything that moves on the sand.

Look for Mr. Bautista is the upcoming Avengers: Endgame as he reprises his role as Drax. Currently no date has been confirmed for the release of the Dune reboot.

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