Dark Souls Remastered & Solaire amiibo arrive for Nintendo Switch on October 19

Gamers who have mostly stuck to Nintendo platforms will finally be able to get their hands on Dark Souls Remastered for the Nintendo Switch on October 19th. The release date was announced by publisher Bandai Namco via Twitter:

The game was originally intended to be released alongside the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions last Spring but was delayed to Summer. The game has apparently been delayed again but Bandai Namco has not given a reason as to why. There will be an online network test conducted some time before release day but Bandai Namco is tight-lipped about the test date.

The Solaire of Astora amiibo will release on the very same day; the statue will unlock the “Praise the Sun” emote in-game.

Featured image credit: Bandai Namco

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