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Criminal Activity: Battlefield Hardlines’s New DLC Details

Visceral posted via their blog post the details of the new weapon and vehicles included in the Criminal Activity DLC for Battlefield Hardline. In addition to the 4 new maps, Backwoods, Code Blue, The Beat,  Black Friday and  the new Bounty Hunter game mode the DLC, which will be released sometime this month (June), will include the following:

New pump action bullup shotgun: This is a new weapon for the cops on the Enforcer class. It can hold 14 rounds of 2 ¾” 12 gauge buckshot. This shotgun can use slugs as well as the new Breaching Rounds. These options make this shotgun very versatile. If you want to stay and fight in close quarters the Breaching Rounds will be your friend. They can also easily disable doors trapped with Sabotage or a Trip Mine. Got a pesky criminal setting traps on doors inside Code Blue? Before you open that sabotaged door to get the heist bag shoot it with the Breaching Rounds.

New battle rifle: A new Battle Rifle is coming for the criminal faction on the Enforcer class with an iconic profile and look. The wooden furniture on this weapon gives it a classic look, but it has a modern and lethal function. It fires 7.62MM X 51MM rounds. This rifle is very effective in mid-to-long range combat. It has a variety of options to choose from like AP Tracer Rounds, an upgraded stock, extended magazine, and more. While most effective at mid-to-long range, this rifle can still be very effective in close quarters if you can control the heavy recoil. Try switching to semi-auto mode with a mid-range scope and exploit the range of this rifle.

New assault rifle: How about a new Assault Rifle for the police faction of the Enforcer class, you say? This Assault Rifle has a unique look that is magnified by its keg style charging handle. The rate of fire is slower than some battle rifles, but that makes it easier to control. It also has less recoil then some of the other battle rifles. It fires 7.62MM X 51MM and makes it very effective at mid-to-long ranges. The unique magazine gives this rifle twenty four rounds and a total capacity of twenty five rounds when a tactical reload is performed, giving it an advantage over the other battle rifles.

AP tracer rounds: The Armour Piercing Tracer Rounds are available for Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles, and the designated marksman rifles. Cops and criminals both have access to these munitions. Armoured Piercing rounds are capable of dealing greater damage to armoured targets. They also have a highly visible tracer that helps the user track the round as well as making them more visible to the enemy. These rounds are very effective against body armour as well as increasing damage vs armoured vehicles.

Breaching rounds: The Breaching Rounds are a short range explosive 12-guage round that is designed to open doors. These rounds can be used to safely open a door that has been sabotaged. They are also effective in close quarter combat. Whether you are a Cop or a Criminal you will be able to equip these rounds in your shotgun. The user has to manually switch to the breaching round. This allows for the use of standard buckshot when the breaching round is not in the weapons chamber. If you find yourself unsure if a door is sabotaged, open it with the Breaching Rounds.

Nail Gun (battle pick-up): The Nail Gun doesn’t use conventional ammo or have any optics, but it can get the job done. It has a 10 nail capacity and has a total of 4 mags. Look for this Nail Gun scattered around the maps in Criminal Activity. The Nail Gun is effective and deadly in close quarters. This weapon is capable of killing a foe with one shot to the head. It doesn’t make much noise so you won’t show up on the mini map when firing. With only a .27 calibre cartridge the nails don’t go far and fall fast. However when you get close you can put your enemy down quickly.

Lowrider vehicle: The Lowrider is a new sedan-class transport vehicle designed with mid-60s flair. Available for the criminal faction, it is fully customizable and comes outfitted with all the bells and whistles already acquired on the sports sedan. Cruise down the streets along with three passengers who can move up and sit against the door, making this ride an impressive combination of style and firepower. Equipped with a two-tone leather interior, custom musical horn and a hydraulic suspension controlled by the driver, the Lowrider puts a fresh new spin on the traditional workhorse transport vehicle.

Pick-up truck: The Pick-up Truck is a new civilian transport vehicle found in Backwoods. Designed originally as a work tool, the open cargo area of this heavy-duty passenger vehicle makes it ideal to carry your squad around the hazardous dirt roads. The enclosed cab seats two and the front passenger can move up and sit on the door to get a better attack angle. Two passengers can sit on the low sides of the truck bed and aim all around the vehicle. An additional passenger can crouch behind the tailgate and cover the rear of the vehicle against chasing foes making the Pick-up Truck deadly when full.

New free submachine gun: This classic design can be used by the cops or criminals. It can also be used on any class. The slow rate of fire makes it easy to control and keep your rounds on target. However there are limited options for customization on this weapon. You can put a grip and extended magazine on it and that’s it. Expect the streets to be filled with .45 Caliber slugs from this historical SMG

Also to note Battlefield Hardline Premium members will get the DLC 2 weeks early.

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