Crackdown 3 Is Being Given

Sumo Digital: Crackdown 3 Is Being Given “The Time It Needs and Warrants”

First revealed at the Xbox E3 2014 conference, Crackdown 3 has been eagerly anticipated since, touting cloud-powered destruction on top of the orb-gathering gameplay that made the original game so popular. It’s also been delayed repeatedly, to a point that some have wondered what is going on behind the scenes of development. While we saw more footage at E3 2018, questions have remained, especially once we learned that the series’ creator was no longer involved with development. Fortunately, a little light is now being shed on the state of everything. In an interview with, the developers at Sumo Digital explained that Crackdown 3 is being given “the time it needs and warrants.”

Paul Porter says that information on Crackdown 3 has been fairly quiet “because it’s been given the time it needs and warrants to meet the expectations of that franchise.” Porter also talked about his history with the series, saying that “My experience of Crackdown is probably similar to a lot of other people’s,” he says. “I played the first one to death – played it in co-op, collected all the orbs. After a couple of hours of playing Crackdown 2 I wanted to throw my controller at the TV, and I was really quite sad. That’s definitely not the route that’s been taken with Crackdown 3.”

Interestingly enough, Porter suggests that at this point development is done and Sumo Digital is polishing everything, as he explains when asked by how Sumo intends to keep people from throwing controllers at their screens.

“By creating a good game,” he laughs. “It’s a bit of a glib answer, I’m sorry, but as you know the release date’s moved back, confirmed as February next year, and that’s great news because it gives us the time to polish a game that’s pretty much done, but make it better and better. The way to make the best games is you finish them, then finish them again, and then finish them again. That’s what we’re doing with Crackdown 3.”

Hopefully this all points to a game that will make fans happy. Crackdown 3 releases on February 22nd, 2019 for Xbox One and Windows 10.

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