Coco Continues to Dominate in a Slow Weekend

Well, last week I spoke about how no movies would be releasing in a large format this weekend. Coco again was in the top spot easily beating the two super hero movies. Justice League is now over $500 million and Thor: Ragnarok is sitting over $800 million.

This weekend was a limited release weekend. That gave the movies a little more time to make some extra money before Star Wars: The Last Jedi is out. We all know that it will be a juggernaut for Disney. Wonder has continued to stay in the top three as it has made $12.5 million this weekend. Coco grossed an estimated $26 million while Justice League made $16.5 million. This movie was not what WB had expected to be at financially. I wouldn’t call it a complete failure, it just wasn’t a movie that connected with everyone. Thor: Ragnarok is still making money. The Disaster Artist grossed over $1 million while only opening in 19 theaters. The movie will be getting a wider release on December 8th.

Weekend Top Five

5. Daddy’s Home 2 $7.5 million

4. Thor: Ragnarok $9.6 million

3. Wonder $ 12.5 million

2. Justice League $ 16.5 million

1. Coco $26 million

Now since we had some issues with the site at the beginning of the week we didn’t cover some of the trailers that were released. Instead of me discussing what will be releasing next weekend I’m going to end with a trailer that you may have watched. So watch the new Avengers trailer again.

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