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Bug Postpones Xbox 360 Buying for Preview Members

Update: Buying Xbox 360 games is now available to all Xbox One owners.

The March preview update is bringing some small changes to the Xbox One.One of those changes will have to wait to be released. Purchasing Xbox 360 titles that are backwards compatible from the Xbox One console. Currently it is a painstaking process that requires either the Xbox 360 or the Xbox Live web site. Streamlining the process will turn the Xbox One in to a one stop shop.

In a Tweet posted this week by Microsofts own Mike Ybarra stating they “Found a bug” that caused the delay.


Xbox One Preview members will have to wait a few days until the bugs can be fixed. This is a smart move by Microsoft to make sure the update works. The company has been getting a substantial amount of backlash after the announcement of UWP. Check back to ticgn.com for any further Xbox One Update news.

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