When the Boruto manga began in 2016 many have wondered just how long the series would last. Would it be at least as long as Naruto or would it be shorter?. In a recent interview with Shonen Jump magazine, series writer Mikio Ikemoto has given some insight into the future of the Boruto series. The interview began by asking how the series began. Ikemoto responded by saying:

“Ikemoto: Boruto, along with Sarada and many other characters, first appeared in “BORUTO – NARUTO THE MOVIE -,” which was the final theatrical installment of NARUTO series. As the movie featured a number of intriguing characters, many fans voiced their wish to watch its sequel.
However, Mr. Kishimoto did not intend to write more stories about Boruto and his friends, so he suggested that I do the sequel.” 

As the interview went on with varying questions regarding the character designs amongst other things, the interviewer then asked about the future of the series.

Do you have any set goal in running BORUTO series in the future?

“Ikemoto: My utmost priority is to complete the entire story for BORUTO. That said, I do not want the story to sprawl out too much. As the original NARUTO series already has a whopping 72 volumes, I am hoping to complete the story within 30 volumes to keep the entire saga within a hundred volumes altogether.”

So there you have it. If you would like to check out the entire interview please click here, and if you haven’t checked out the Boruto manga you can do so on MangaPlus or Viz.com.


Source: ShonenJump

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