Borderlands 3 Teaser

Borderlands “Mask Of Mayhem” Teases Big Borderlands Announcement Tomorrow

It seems like its been an eternity since we have heard anything about the Borderlands franchise from Gearbox Games. It felt like every year we would hear rumors of Borderlands 3 being announced at E3, and every year we would end up hearing nothing. Now just ahead of PAX East, Gearbox has been teasing endlessly that Borderlands will be making its triumphant return. Earlier today, Gearbox uploaded a one minute and 16-second trailer teasing a reveal for tomorrow at 2 pm EST. The trailer is full of fan easter eggs, and points to Borderlands 3 inevitably being revealed during a live stream tomorrow. This following rumors of a remaster of the original Borderlands game, means that fans have plenty to be excited about and will know so much more in less than 24 hours. Check out the trailer below and get excited for the return of the Borderlands franchise.

 Borderlands РMask of Mayhem Teaser

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