If you’ve been keeping up with gaming news, you may have heard that the Borderlands 3 launch has been filled with glitches for PC players. While this is true, PC gamers are not the only ones facing issues. It turns out that players on all platforms are having a variety of issues. If you’re wondering what glitches to look out for, read on.

PC Glitches

From taking a look at the official Gearbox Borderlands 3 forums, it’s clear that PC gamers are having a hard time enjoying the game. The most common complaints seem to be stuttering frame rates and game crashes. However, those are not the only ones. Some players are also having to restart the game up to three times to even get it to run. Another player has run into issues with their resolution resetting every time that they restart the game. Another prominent problem is the loss of game progress after game freezes or crashes.

Xbox One Glitches

Some of the glitches that Borderlands 3 players are experiencing on Xbox One are much the same as on the PC. For example, Xbox players are facing lagging framerates and bad game optimization as well. However, these are not the only issues. Players are also facing a jarring problem where they can be seen by online friends even when they choose to be displayed as offline. Playing in split-screen mode is also giving players its own issues, such as text that is too small to read. And if that wasn’t enough, there are glitches with the achievement system.

PlayStation 4 Glitches

Much like the Xbox One, PS4 Borderlands 3 gamers are having to deal with bad framerates and optimization. They also have the same issue of friends being able to see you playing when you are set to offline mode and unreadable text sizes in split-screen. On top of those issues, players are also seeing their Badass tokens showing up as a negative number. Those that have preordered are also missing their bonuses, and there are UI bugs that impact the social feed.

Glitch Fixes

While it may sound like the release of Borderlands 3 has only been filled with glitches, that doesn’t mean everything is bad news. Polygon released an article that covers fixes for some of the most common problems that players are facing. If you’re having troubles enjoying your game because of these issues, try the fixes and let us know if any of them work.