Microsoft has announced a rebranding for the company’s game streaming service formerly known as Beam. The new name is Mixer and lots of intriguing new features are coming.

The reason for the name change is that Beam was problematic for international use. The word has unfavorable results when translated into other languages. Furthermore, Mixer is more descriptive of what the app actually does.

Mixer is a live streaming service similar to Twitch with some superior functionality. Mixer has very low latency meaning you see streams in near real time as opposed to other platforms which are delayed by up to 20 seconds. Developers such as Telltale Games already offer Mixer integration so audience members can make in-game decisions during a broadcast.

The most exciting new feature for Mixer is co-streaming. Up to four different players can link their streams together and viewers can see every stream as part of a split-screen display. You’ll be able to see a multiplayer match from four different perspectives or even watch four of your favorite streamers playing their favorite games at the same time. Co-streaming will even work with all of the interactive features you expect from Mixer.

You will now have the ability to connect to Mixer on your mobile device. That includes watching other streams but also streaming gameplay from your phone or tablet. You will even be able to join a co-stream from your mobile device. The Mixer Create beta is available on Google Play and iOS App Store right now.

Xbox Insiders should see a new tab for Mixer on their dashboard. This serves as a fast way to see featured broadcasts.

Channel One is a single place to see the highest quality streams as chosen by the staff.

By the way, Microsoft is planning to stream their E3 conference in 4K quality on Xbox One S and Mixer. This will let you see gameplay footage from the upcoming Scorpio console in full quality.