This week Battlefield V will be getting a new update with Chapter 2: Lighting Strikes. Players will be seeing the return of Rush among many of the other things happening with this update when it launches on January 17th. EA was kind enough to release a trailer showing off some the things happening in Lighting Strikes.

As you can see from the trailer a new mode called Squad Conquest is coming out. Players will be in two squads of eight against two other squads of eight. Three maps will be made available; Arras, Rotterdam, and Hamada. This mode is actually only going to be around until January 30th. If you’re looking for a little more information on this mode click this link to jump to the Battlefield V site.

New weapons and vehicles will also be coming out for players to enjoy. Some of the new weapons listed in the update notes include the SMG ZK-383 , Modele 1944, and M1922. For a full list of everything that has been worked on in this update click here. Look for Chapter 3: Trial by Fire to finally bring players the Battle Royal mode this Spring.