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Batman: Arkham Knight – Batgirl expansion release date and pricing



Na Na Na Na Na Na Batgirl! Release dates and a price have now been announced for RockSteady’s first major expansion for Batman Arkham Knight. The content will be dropping July 14th for Season Pass holders and July 21st for everyone else. The DLC will explore the life of Barbara Gordon before her paralysis at the hands of the Joker and therefore takes place prior to the events of the Arkham trilogy.

This particular part of the add on DLC will be developed by Warner Bros. Montreal, developers of the Arkham Origins game. The story pack will be entitled Batgirl: A Matter of Family and will add new missions and side quests, as well as puzzles and Barbara’s own unique hacking style. The expansion will cost £5.79 ($10.00) and is included if you bought the season pass. Robin will also feature as an alternate character during some fighting scenarios, similar to what is seen in the main game.

Rocksteady drew some controversy earlier in the year, when they announced a $40 season pass without revealing what content would be included. They did however remedy this as quickly as possible, the Batgirl DLC being one of the foremost things they wished to publicize.

Rocksteady are themselves developing the Season of Infamy DLC which will see all new super-villains invading Gotham, and Gotham City Stories where you will have the ability to play as many of Batman’s allies before and during the events of the main game. There are also new car skins, race tracks and combat challenges on the way.

Will you be getting the Matter of Family DLC? For more gaming, movie and TV news, stick right here at TiCGN!


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