Aquaman Starts of 2019 on top as Escape Room Takes Second

Aquaman took the last weekend of 2018 and now has taken over the first weekend box office in 2019. In fact Aquaman has become the most profitable DC Universe movie and is sitting at $940 million world-wide. There’s no doubt it will cross the billion mark in the next few weeks. This just brings DC fans more hope that their favorite heroes and villains will be coming to the bring screen.

Only one movie was released that grossed in the top ten this weekend. Escape Room grossed an estimated $18 million. It is a good start for the horror genre to just jump right into the box office. With a small budget of $9 million, Escape Room should easily get a few sequels as this formula has proved very successful for small budget horror movies like Happy Death Day. Happy Death Day 2U is also right around the corner.

Weekend Top Five

5. Bumblebee $12.7 million

4. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse $13 million

3. Mary Poppins Returns $15.7 million

2. Escape Room $18 million

1. Aquaman $30.7 million

In the next few weeks, viewers should see a small increase in movies coming out, the most notable of which will be Glass. That movie comes out on the 18th of this month. Hopefully the start of the year was great for everyone. Now that the Holidays are over it is time to start that work grind all over again. Avengers: Endgame can’t come soon enough.

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